Relationship Therapy.

Relationship Therapy is a combination of healing, Mindfulness and 1-on-1 Coaching. This journey aims to transform your experience of the relationships around you, especially those that are a cause of distress or unhappiness. It helps you change your relationship with yourself, shift patterns you may have been unable to change and move away powerfully from disappointments, loss or toxic relationships.

Healing prepares the path for constructive conversations by reducing negativity. Our healers will send healing not just to you, but to those friends, family or colleagues who are a part of the situation you are trying to address. It works in conjunction with intensive virtual sessions Mindfulness practices and 1-on-1 coaching, with handouts and assignments that help establish your Mindfulness practice.

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1st month


2nd month


3rd month

The healing sessions include coachees and the significant other. The package consists of 10 or more healing sessions + 6 1-on-1 Mindfulness and coaching sessions