The increase in life expectancy has led to a very substantial increase in the number of senior citizens in our country, especially in the age group of 80 and above. According to national estimates, between 2000 and 2050, the overall population of India will grow by 55% whereas those above the age group 60 will grow by 326% and above 80 will grow by 700%.

Srish is an attempt to provide an alternative to old age homes by creating structures for collaborative community-based assisted living. The project aims to create self-help groups in communities and within residential societies so that seniors can continue to live in their own home as long as they want, and families can support each other to take care of their elders with freedom and ease.

Srish also organises awareness campaigns to help elders prepare themselves for a physically, emotionally and financially independent elder life.

Join the Cause.

be a volunteer
The project is at nascent stage and we need volunteers to anchor the self-help groups and organise the awareness campaigns.
support the cause
Don’t have time to be a volunteer yet would like to contribute? Please help us spread the idea and help us with references of people who would be interested to devote some of their time towards this cause. We also need books and information on old age and care of elders. Please connect with us if you can contribute in any way.
We need mentors who have exposure to existing models anywhere in the world on community-based assisted living. We need medical professionals and social workers who would like to help us design and conduct the awareness campaigns.