Were you a shy child who still gets tongue-tied when someone gets angry? Are the years of being misunderstood and unappreciated at work adding up to extreme frustration and unhappiness around peers who simply don’t seem to notice your efforts? 

Most of our beliefs are formed in our childhoods, by the time we are about 8 years old. Yet, they keep ruling us well into our adult lives and form the basis of our responses in different situations, especially emotional ones. Pain comes from belief which may no longer be pertinent to your current circumstances. Often called ‘baggage’, we help you shed old beliefs that are holding you back and teach you skills that help you handle emotions and have constructive conversations.

Relationship therapy is a combination of healing, Mindfulness and 1-on-1 coaching conversations. When we first meet someone who is in search of harmony and happiness, we begin with the equivalent of giving oxygen to a person in physical distress. Our healing sessions are the first step to help you heal and become equanimous. A combination of distance Reiki, sound therapy and Pranic healing helps restore your physical as well as emotional well-being. 

An essential step for addressing the ‘We’ is examining the ‘Me’. Mindfulness, the second step of our journey, involves examining our thoughts and emotions to gain insights into why we do what we do. We work at helping you create a highlife condition. 

Once you are experiencing lesser emotional turbulence and are in a stable place, we help you introspect and have deeper conversations of reflection and responsibility, we assist you to move beyond apportioning blame to a place where you take charge and ownership of your own happiness. As the third step, we use a multi-pronged coaching approach that is based on researched methodologies to help you identify beliefs, demonstrate their irrelevance and develop real empathy. We help you identify your own needs as well as those of your significant other’s and explore ways to address both.