We guide people in developing an ability to create and enjoy fulfilling relationships and to remain happy independent of circumstances.

The importance of fulfilling relationships in building long, healthy lives has now been ratified by the findings of Harvard’s Grant and Glueck study. The relationships one forges today have a direct impact on mental and physical health through our lives, but especially in the golden years.
We also believe that happiness is a choice, independent of the condition of one’s life. We are each capable of creating our happiness, yet the challenge remains in attaining this in the face of our daily reality. Our work here is dedicated to turning this esoteric idea into an ability that you can tap into and live a fuller, more harmonious life through self-renewal and transformation.

Your relationship with yourself.

Do you feel as if you are stuck in a pattern and always attract the wrong people or make the wrong choices? In spite of your best efforts and multiple tries, do you find yourself back at square one in your work and personal relationships? Find it hard to work in a negative environment?
The strained relationship could be with yourself and any dissonance could manifest as low self- esteem, low confidence or inability to live to your full potential at work and at home. In the moment that matters, learn to regulate emotions and find the core to success.

Your relationship with others.

“When you know that upsets me why do you do it? You don’t care a @#$% for me.” Sounds familiar? Do you find that other people and situations decide how you are feeling in a moment?
Create your best relationship by transforming your experience of it and regulating your emotions. Else, move on powerfully, taking the lessons but not the scars. Take back the remote control!

Others’ relationship with you.

Do you feel that your loved ones don’t need you as much as you need them? “Once she wouldn’t sleep until I cradled her and read her a story. Today, she seems to dislike my very presence.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people valued you, really cherished you…?
If you are feeling unfulfilled in you closest relationships and pain or anger is all that you seem to get from them, it’s time to change. To change yourself. Work on yourself and watch everything else fall in place in response.

Relationships around you.

What can you do when two people close to you can’t see eye to eye? Can’t desert an aging parent, can’t live without your spouse – if only they got along!
Your tranquillity may be lost due to conflicts with loved ones or even be caused by discord among those close to you. Transform strained relationships between your spouse and your parents or between a partner and a child that is bringing discord into your life.

Madhusree Dasgupta

It is now scientifically established that the quality of one’s relationships holds the key to a happy, successful and healthy life. that it is neither genes nor money nor fame that determine your physical and mental health as you age – it is the quality of your relationships. Yet, few of us have devoted any time to learning how to build relationships. While we dedicate over two decades to an education that prepares us for a successful career, no university offers a master’s degree in building a successful life.

I am a corporate trainer and coach who went through a dark phase in my own life due to my inability to manage my relationships and externalising my problems. Since then, I have done deep enquiry into myself, an introspection into that within me which had caused these breakdowns and acquired the ability and insights that have allowed me to engineer my own happiness and reharmonize my life. I have learned that relationships are the core. As I transformed my relationships, other areas of life including my health and career witnessed significant transformations, too. Most importantly, I found my calling. WeSutra is my journey of sharing this capability with you. I use Mindfulness, Somatics and Ontology models from Internationally researched organisations in my work to help people in transforming their experiences with themselves and others.

Madhushree has over two decades of experience in the field of soft skills and sales training, leadership facilitation and coaching. She is certified in multiple internationally validated programs and has completed more than 5 years of coaching for self-empowerment and relationship transformation.

Alok Choudhuri

My journey as an energy healer began when my daughter met with an accident and I witnessed the benefit she received from Reiki. That meeting with her healer changed my life and started me on an exploration of the field of healing. Healing found me and now I know this is what I am meant to do. Healing is my unique gift and purpose in this life.

Under my first master’s guidance, I learned initial levels of Reiki and also discovered that I am capable of “doing” more than this. My discovery of the realm of Reiki was followed by the exploration of other energy healing practices as I moved along the energy healing course. I walked the path of learning more about energy healing and went on to Pranic Healing, Nada Yoga and Singing Bowl Healing. This journey has transformed me each passing day and is a sure guide if you do not know where to go next.

Alok is an Indian Institute of Foreign Trade alumni and has more than three decades of exposure in logistics and shipping. He has lived and worked in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He has found his calling as a Healer and has healed many people going through physical and emotional trauma and is a life member of the Reiki Healing Association, UK.